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How To Take Ryno Power


Ryno Power thinks The Essentials Package is your perfect starter kit to get you going. This stack gives you our three main products for before, during, and after and is very simple to use. Take Gladiator before your workout/activity, drink Hydration Fuel during, and begin rebuilding your muscles with our Protein afterwards. For more extensive training, you can build your own stack by using the products below. For example: On hot and long days, take Electrolytes & Endurance to compliment the carbs and electrolytes already found in Hydration Fuel.




Take 2 Capsules 30 minutes before your activity.
Motivation is our mental energy supplement that uses natural and proven ingredients. Increased blood flow to the brain from this energy supplement increases your focus and concentration while the Theanine keeps you calm and focused. DO NOT TAKE MOTIVATION WITH GLADIATOR.



Take 2 Scoops 30 minutes before your workout.
Gladiator is an explosive pre-workout designed to be powerful and hard-hitting, yet still healthy for you. Gladiator uses all-natural ingredients such as Guarana Seed Extract, Betaine Anhydrous, and Rhodiola. The Guarana Seed Extract makes this one of the best pre-workout supplements because of its slow-release process that doesn’t give you jitters or make you crash. DO NOT TAKE GLADIATOR WITH MOTIVATION.



Take 5 Capsules 30 minutes before your activity or race.
Endurance is designed to remove lactic acid in your muscles which reduces arm pump and cramping. The Rhodiola, Cordyceps, and ActiGin increases oxygen levels in your bloodstream thereby allowing your muscles to access more oxygen and also remove the lactic acid in the process. Additionally, ActiGin is proven to significantly reduce inflammation in muscle tissue up to 4 days after your exercise while limiting fatigue during exercise by 20%.



Add 2 Scoops to 8-12 oz. of Water
Carbo-Fuel is great carb-loading supplement and can be a great addition to your nutrition regimen before high intensity or high calorie workouts. This supplement is great for triathalons, running, and cycling. We use Pure Non-GMO Complex Carbohydrates with no flavors, sugar, color, or sweeteners.



Hydration Fuel

Take 2 Scoops with 12-20 oz. of Water
Hydration Fuel is a high-quality electrolyte based sports drink with a safe combination of BCAAs, D-Ribose, and Glutamine. These are the essential ingredients for Endurance Athletes when training or competing. Use this product during gym workouts as well for the BCAAs and other key ingredients.



Take 2 Capsules 30 minutes before your activity or race.
On extremely hot days, many athletes choose to stack 2 electrolyte capsules every hour with the electrolytes already found in Hydration Fuel. Recommended for outdoor activities in temperatures 90 degrees and above.




Take 2 Scoops with 8-12 oz. of Water Immediately After Your Activity
Protein is a must-have for anyone living a healthy lifestyle. With 27g of Protein and only 180 calories, this works great for recovery, is an excellent meal recovery supplement, and a nutritious way to start your day. For just $2.95, you can try out the best tasting protein here. Take Protein immediately after your workout to begin rebuilding your muscles.



Take 6 Capsules Immediately After Your Activity
This is one of the best recovery supplements on the market. We claim this because we are one of the only companies that uses Alpha-Ketoglutarates due to their high cost. Those combined with our Amino Acids and BCAAs creates a high-quality recovery supplement that reduces soreness and rebuilds muscles. We encourage you to read the reviews on this recovery supplement here to see what our customers think.



Add 2 Scoops to Your Protein After a Hard Workout
Carbo-Fuel is an optional addition to your post-workout regimen but plays a critical role in replacing muscle glycogen lost during activity. Additionally, many nutritionists feel that a 1:1 Carb-to-Protein ratio is key to proper muscle rebuilding. Add this directly into your Protein shake after your workout.


Give us a call at 1-(800)-771-0131 and we will help design a custom stack to meet your needs!

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