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Gareth Swanepoel

  • 3 min read

Trainer at The W Training Facility - Trains Christian Craig, Justin Cooper, Malcolm Stewart, Colt Nichols, and Aaron Plessinger.

Name: Gareth Swanepoel

Job Title: Professional MX/SX Trainer 

Period:2013 - Current

So you started out racing moto and have continued your career through training, what made you choose this career path?

Towards the end of my career, the team owner came to me and complimented my level of fitness and appreciated my training techniques. He had some younger riders coming up and asked if I wanted to try out training one of them (Cooper Webb), and I jumped at the opportunity.

Throughout your career, what are some of the accomplishments you’ve had?
I won many South African Championships growing up, two German championships (2009 & 2010) , placed 5th in the 250 World Championship (2007) and 8th in the 450 World Championship (2009). In 2011, I raced in the US and placed 6th  in the 250 American National Championship.

As I trainer, I have been training Cooper Webb and Aaron Plessinger who collectively have 3 Supercross 250 Championships and 2 250 National Championships.


Coming from racing, who was a trainer that inspired you?

When I was racing in Europe, I was really inspired by my trainer. A lot of the methods I use today with my athletes reflect what I learned from him.  


Name one piece of advice you want to give to younger riders that look up to you?

Focus. Focus on yourself. Focus on what you need to do to be better.  Don't get caught up worrying about anyone else or your competition. You can't control what they do but you can always control what you do. 


With food being such a big key to an athlete's success, how do you see the different supplements playing a role within an athlete?
Yes, food is important, but you can't always get the nutrients your body needs from food alone. For example, I have my guys make a recovery shake within 30 minutes of training. ( 2 scoops of Protein, 2 scoops of Carbo Fuel, and 3 Recovery Amino Acid capsules) The amount of nutrients that this recovery shake provides would be extremely difficult to source from food alone (within 30 minutes of working out).
I am also a huge fan of Hydration Fuel. When training, your body needs to constantly be replacing the electrolytes and sodium that is lost through sweat during training. The Ryno Power Electrolytes and the Hydration Fuel drink are perfect ways to replace those nutrients. 

 How long has Ryno Power been a part of your training regimen and why do you stick with it?

 I have been using Ryno Power for 8 years now; 5 years of my training career and before that, the last 3 years of my racing career. I continue to use their products because I believe they are the best supplements on the market. I know I can trust them to provide the cleanest and safest ingredients for all athletes. 


What is your favorite Ryno Power product and why?

Personally, my favorite product is the Gladiator pre-workout. I truly live off it with my active lifestyle. For my athletes, I prefer them to use the Protein and the Hydration Fuel. I actually was able to help Ryno Power design the Hydration Fuel drink when they came out with it last year! It was awesome to be apart of the process to develop a new product. 


What do you notice when you are using Ryno Power?  What about when you don’t use it?

Overall, I feel a huge difference when I use the products. When I use the Gladiator in the morning, I feel fueled up and ready to go for the day. When I am using the Hydration Fuel even just when coaching at the track, I notice less cramping. When I use the Recovery capsules after a long ride, I don't feel nearly as sore the next day. 

What do you recommend to a riderwho might be on the fence about possibly purchasing the product?

 A great place to start would be the Protein, Carbo Fuel, Hydration Fuel, and Recovery capsules. This way you have something for before, during, and after your workout. Use them for a week and you will feel a big difference. 


Anything else you'd like to add about the product or company?

As an athlete and a trainer, I genuinely like the products and use them in my daily routine. I trust Ryno Power to use quality ingredients in all of their products. The company is very professional and is growing day by day. 


What are your favorite ways to use it?

Two of my favorite things to do when using the Ryno Power Protein:

  1. A recovery shake (Protein, Carbo Fuel, Recovery capsules) with almond milk and crushed ice.
  2. I put in my oats in the morning for breakfast!