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Ryder Lawrence

  • 1 min read


Take a quick look into the background of Ryno Power’s prolific father & son ambassadors – Randy & Ryder Lawrence.  Randy’s extensive career as a professional world cup mountain bike racer, mechanic for Supercross star Jeremy McGrath (3 titles); his career as a trainer for the likes of Ryan Villopoto (4 titles), Nick Wey, Jake Weimer, Jason Anderson, Blake Wharton & many more; and currently as a trainer for the best amateur motocross racers on the circuit.

Randy provides a wealth of knowledge that he is able to offer any of the athletes he coaches. This includes his son Ryder, who is a member of the USA World Championship BMX Racing Team. Ryder is winning races all over the country, and together, they put in the work to make sure he’s race-ready when the gate drops!
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