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Endurance Discoloration Notice

  • 1 min read
Some of you may have received Endurance capsules from Ryno Power with slight discoloration of the yellow capsules. These are safe for consumption and good until expiration in 2024. 
Reasoning: We use all-natural Vegetable Capsules that are naturally colored with Tumeric. Because it's an all-natural color and material, it doesn't cover up ingredients the way an artificial capsule would. Cordyceps is a proven ingredient that is used by many top companies in nutrition for over 25 years. It's a dark brown ingredient and it is completely natural which means it has not been bleached and has no dyes. Some of the Cordyceps in the Ryno Power Endurance are pushed against the yellow capsule and its color shows through. These are the specs you see. 
These capsules are perfectly safe.  They have been cleared of any possible issues like mold or bacteria, and you can continue using it. All Ryno Power products are continually tested for efficacy, safety and label claims so we are sharing the test results of this product with you for full transparency. 
If you are not happy, we can replace it with other products or refund. Just email