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HYDRATION FUEL Electrolyte Drink Mix

Flavor: Lemon Lime
Size: 10 Servings (1lb Bag)

100% VEGAN

Fuel yourself like our Ryno Power pro athletes with this advanced electrolyte formula that will keep you going strong for hours! Whether you’re at the gym or on a ride, packed with BCAA's, Glutamine, Complex Carbohydrates, & D Ribose, this delicious drink makes every minute of training feel like your first. HYDRATION FUEL uses all-natural flavors, natural colors, & 100% organic sugar so it works great & is also extremely good for you too!

Lost through sweating, HYDRATION FUEL replaces sodium, calcium, potassium, & magnesium to keep you hydrated to optimal levels. The included BCAA’s & Glutamine will naturally help reduce muscle fatigue, improve your recovery time, decrease amino acid loss from your muscles, and aid in protein absorption. This means your body will be recovered & ready for your next training session, trail ride, or moto. Meanwhile, HYDRATION FUEL is packed with a blend of 30 grams of Non-GMO complex carbohydrates from our CARBO-FUEL, providing you with clean, sustainable energy to help you power through long or intense workouts. 

Product Details

  • 2 LB Bag contains 20 servings
  • 3g of BCAA’s per serving
  • 30g of Non-GMO complex carbs per serving
  • 3g of glutamine per serving
  • Contains D-Ribose, allowing cells to function at high levels

hydration fuel splashing in water

What Sets Us Apart?

We offer more than your standard sports electrolyte drink. Our Hydration Fuel is truly a FUEL that encompasses everything you need to push that much further and that much harder to make your activity that much more enjoyable. Added to our Hydration Fuel, we offer...

Complex Carbohydrates provide several benefits, including sustained energy, improved endurance, reduced muscle damage, and better glycogen storage.

L-Glutamine can provide numerous benefits for athletes and an active lifestyle, including improved muscle growth, faster recovery, enhanced immune function, reduced muscle catabolism, improved gut health, and better mental focus.

D-ribose is a simple sugar that plays a crucial role in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the energy currency of our cells. During physical activity, our muscles require ATP to produce energy, and D-ribose helps in the synthesis of ATP.

BCAAs are essential for athletes and people engaging in physical activity. They are the building blocks of proteins, which are crucial for muscle growth and repair. During physical activity, the body uses BCAAs to help delay fatigue, increase endurance repair damaged muscle tissue, reduce muscle breakdown, improve the immune system, and improve muscle function.

Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Kurstin Graham (Carson City, US)
All you want in an electrolyte drink mix

As a cyclist I want a mix that dissolves easily in my bottle, tastes good long after palate fatigue sets in, and wards off muscular fatigue and cramping in the summer heat. Hydration Fuel ticks all the boxes. I appreciate the mild flavors over long periods on the bike.

Devin Wright (Cottage Grove, US)
Only formula that’s worked for me on race day

I usually drink one to two the day before and one to two on race day combined with plenty of water the days leading up to and during race days. It’s the only regimen I’ve tried that doesn’t leave me feeling like a dried out raisin at the end of the race day. Great product

kurt kovacks (Chino, US)
Lovin the fruit punch

Great service and love the product

Kelly Cianci (Thousand Oaks, US)
Best electrolytes out there

Ive tried alot of different electrolytes. This one has the best taste and keeps me hydrated for the long hours in the saddle racing. Minimal cramping plenty of sodium etc. Love the fruit punch!

Cody Schwartz (Farmington, US)
Competition tree climber

I compete all around the country in tree climbing competitions. I feel the Hydration Fuel is a critical part of me being able to stay hydrated during these events. Your products are awsome!