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While you can use a variety of our products in different manners, all of these products are great for DURING your activity. They will keep you hydrated, reduce fatigue, and keep your body functioning at optimal levels throughout the day.

When considering your nutrition plan, make sure you take into account what needs you may have DURING your activity. The better you prepare, the more you'll enjoy your ride, workout, or activity!

*NOTE: The products recommended below are a general suggestion for those new to nutrition & supplements. Advanced athletes may elect to add other products not shown to their regimen.

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Feeling Fatigued / No Energy

You need fuel to burn! While our HYDRATION FUEL does offer a healthy amount of energy to fuel your standard rides or activities, sometimes you need to add a few more calories to boost your routine. (Especially on those more rigorous days.) You can boost up you game with our CARBO-FUEL & MANA GELS that offer quick & sustained energy from complex carbohydrates.

Our MANA BAR is a great way to provide fuel during your activity. It's even a healthy way to keep you satisfied throughout your normal day!

Heavy Sweating, Dizziness, or Cramps

You're likely dehydrated! Make sure you're continuously drinking your HYDRATION FUEL to maintain your electrolyte levels.

On extremely hot & muggy days, it's a great idea to boost up with our ELECTROLYTE capsules (even while drinking our Hydration Fuel!)


We stand behind our products 100%! If you are not completely satisfied with the quality & performance of our products, simply contact us for a replacement, credit, or refund.


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